Since childhood, Jaquelyn Puma, aka JPUMA, has been an artist depicting her deepest, most complex inner world.  Originally from just outside of New York City, Jaquelyn graduated from an all-girls high school to study at Pratt, FIT, and Pace University and completed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Fashion. She has explored a gamut of mediums including graphite, block print, acrylic, watercolor, India ink, pastel, charcoal, colored pencil, spray paint, and marker. She then relocated to Fort Lauderdale where she began modeling and a freelance art career, primarily beginning with murals. After an apprenticeship, she officially began her tattoo career in 2019 and has been working as a sought-after artist since.

Jaquelyn’s massive art collective includes portraits that are peppered with psychedelic and chaotic stardust, as well as a wide variety of subjects that have a pop / street / splatter / graffiti finish. Jaquelyn’s art extends from the cavernous confines of her soul, revealing an obsession with control, power, and her relentless desire to maintain balance against the storm and connect with her inner child.

Jaquelyn’s tattoo career focus is primarily black and grey work, pointillism, and her fascination with illustrative line work. She enjoys traveling and bringing her talent of tattooing all over the world.

In her spare time, Jaquelyn likes to do her hair and make up, take photos with her photographer, and expand her POKEMON collection.